In 2014 we joined the WA Aquaculture network by commencing our dream journey into Marron Farming.


We first tasted Marron when we moved to the South West in December 2006 - from that moment we were hooked.  And surprisingly my partner indulged too... and she's not keen on seafood... yet the flavour of Marron has won her over.


Marron has a subtle flavour with a delicate texture that can be combined with almost any ingredient to produce amazing culinary delights.


During the many years after our arrival, we have built our accommodation company Nutkin Lodge and toyed with becoming Marron Farmers. In 2014 we decided to travel down this route and create Monty's Marron for the 2016 season.  Thus bringing to fruition the next stage of our customer service and property diversification goals.


With this business we hope to provide quality products to Australian customers with a future in the overseas market.


We hope you enjoy our organically farmed Marron.



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Monty's Marron is reopening again soon