What are Marron?


Marron are Freshwater Crayfish that naturally inhabit river systems along the South West Australian coastal plains between Bunbury and Albany.   This area has in recent years been widenen considerably by assistance for redistribution into alternative water catchment areas in Western Australia and South Australia.


The Black Marron that we farm are called Cherax cainii and it's close sibling the Blue Marron is called Cherax tenuimanus.


The dark brown/black colouration is an evolutionary development in the shell pigmentation to help hide the Marron in Tannin waters (tanned brown waterways) as seen in our background picture.  This water has many wonderful minerals leached into it by native surrounding bushland which causes dark shadowing in deeper areas within the waterway.  The darker sections provide camouflage for the ground dwelling marron..... and the minerals provide nourishment for both the wild and farmed marron plus the organisms which the marron digest.


Marron are scavengers and predominantly herbivores however they will eat meat products if found within their area of residence.  They are territorial, live in river systems and can travel on land between two contained water catchments if the need arises.


Our Marron live in natural spring fed tannin dams on our property.  Seasonally they are trapped, harvested and transported live for our consumers.


Marron seasons in the South West consist of Winter dormancy, Spring molting & breeding plus the Summer/Autumn growth & harvest.  Each season is governed mainly by water temperature plus other environmental factors do apply.


If you would like to read more on Marron, please select the WA Fisheries Department info sheets below.








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